Teaching and Learning Communities

Call for Teaching & Learning Community Leads


The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) invites proposals for Teaching & Learning Community (TLC) Leads for Spring 2020. TLCs are an integral component, or “slice,” of the First Year Pedagogies of Inclusive Excellence (FY PIE) Certificate, since they provide opportunities to reflect upon and integrate new knowledge and practices into one’s teaching.

What is a TLC?

TLCs are reflective teaching and learning communities of 8-12 individuals that foster reflective teaching practice and, based on the preference of the group, can take either a practical or theoretical approach. Outcomes may include peer mentorship through teaching observations and related discussions, the creation of equitable course materials, or the production of a scholarly research publication.

What is a TLC Lead?

Teaching & Learning Community Leads recruit and facilitate a focused group of individuals to explore and promote equitable and inclusive teaching practices that support student success, specifically supporting students in their first year.

What are Possible TLC Themes?

CEETL encourages teaching and learning communities that focus on issues of equity and inclusive teaching and learning topics, especially as they relate to first year student retention and success, as well as removing barriers to graduation. Preference will be given to TLCs focused on the “Golden 5” (i.e. First Year Experience, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning).

Who is Eligible to Become a TLC Lead?

Campus community members with demonstrated commitment to equitable and inclusive teaching practices at SF State, with the ability to recruit 8-12 participants, through their campus network and the December 2019 CEETL call for TLC participants, to engage in a semester long learning community.


Who is Eligible to Become a TLC Participant?

Campus community members who are directly involved in teaching and can commit to fulfilling a minimum of 15 hours of work associated with the TLC, which includes 6 in-person or virtual meetings facilitated by the TLC Lead.

How Will TLC Leads be Compensated?

TLC Leads will receive a $1,500 stipend upon successful fulfillment of TLC requirements and completion of TLC outcomes. Up to $500 can be requested for materials related to TLC outcomes, as appropriate and while funds are available.


How Will TLC Participants be Compensated?

TLC participants will receive $250 in professional development funds or stipends, as appropriate, upon fulfillment of TLC requirements. Participation in a TLC focused on first year students fulfills one slice of the FY PIE Certificate. Participants who complete the FY PIE Certificate will also receive an additional $500. The call for TLC participants will be promoted in early December.

What Are the Expectations for a TLC Lead?

The TLC Leads will recruit 8-12 TLC members; convene an introductory session for current and interested TLC members during the January 23, 2020 Faculty Retreat; identify and fulfill TLC outcomes; facilitate a minimum of 6 in-person or virtual meetings with the TLC members throughout the Spring 2020 semester; record participant attendance in TLC meetings and fulfillment of the TLC outcomes; and provide a final TLC reflection and outcomes report.


How Can I Apply to Be a TLC Lead?

Interested TLC Leads can apply at this application link by 5 p.m. on November 22, 2019. TLC Leads will be notified of their selection by December 3rd, 2019.

How Can I Become a TLC Participant?

There are three ways for participants to join a TLC: you may be recruited for a TLC by a TLC lead; respond to the call for TLC Participants posted by CEETL in early December 2019; or participate in a TLC introductory session at the January 23rd, Faculty Retreat.


For more information or consultation regarding TLCs at any point in the process, please contact CEETL at ceetl@sfsu.edu.