Spring Forward with CourseMatch!

The CSU will call for courses for CourseMatch program in February 2023

What is CourseMatch?

CourseMatch is part of the CSU Graduation Initiative, 2025 that decreases bottlenecking in GE courses and enables students to access required course in a timely fashion. CourseMatch courses are fully online and asynchronous for maximum accessibility. CourseMatch allows any student enrolled in any of the 23 CSU campuses to take online courses offered by any campus and that meet CSU requirements.

Why participate?

This program is designed to help students graduate on time and to complete courses in a way that is convenient and amenable to work schedules and family obligations.

How do courses qualify?

To qualify, courses must be designed for asynchronous instruction and meet the following requirements:

  • Provide evidence of low repeatable grades for the last time the course was taught
  • Course must be a GE course and in one of the academic areas identified by CSU
  • Provide a current syllabus
  • Secure approval from one’s chairperson
  • Instructors have completed formal training in teaching online (such as OTL, Teaching Through Transitions, JEDI PIE)

What is the application process?

To apply in February 2023, follow the following steps:

  1. Secure permission from your departmental chairperson
  2. Download and complete the CourseMatch Proposal Form (below) and
  3. Send the current syllabus of the proposed course with your proposal form to iteach@sfsu.edu
  4. Receive confirmation that your proposal has been received and wait for word from the CSU on the status of your proposal. Meg will upload materials to the CSU and facilitate all communication between instructors and the CSU.

How does CEETL provide support?

CEETL supports CourseMatch by providing tutorials/workshops for teaching online. It also is the CourseMatch liaison between instructors and the CSU. Contact iteach@sfsu.edu for more information. You may view San Francisco State Registrar’s Office and California State University for additional resources.