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Wrap Up Two by 2/22/22

Certificate Completions Honors

Bonus Reward for CEETL Certificate Completion(s)

Honor your Accomplishments with a CEETL Certificate

CEETL has launched a Wrap Up Two by 2/22/22 campaign to encourage all faculty to complete one or both of two CEETL Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE) certificates by February 22, 2022, to mark the two-year anniversary of our move to remote instruction due to COVID-19, and while funding remains. 

Over the past 22 months, a remarkable number of SF State faculty have engaged in CEETL offerings and many are within a short reach of claiming a stipend for submitting the last reflections in a course or, for a limited time, a bonus for fulfilling the requirements of a CEETL certificate! 

Each of the two CEETL certificates consists of two online asynchronous courses and one peer teaching square and were designed to support the student and faculty needs of the moment:

  1. Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Certificate
    Supports online pedagogies for inclusive excellence during the health, racism and socio-economic pandemics, and
  2. Transformative Teaching through Transitions (TTTT) Certificate
    Supports compassionate and resilient teaching in transitional learning modes to welcome students back to campus.

All faculty who complete these requirements by the February 22, 2022 deadline will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Letter of Recognition, a stipend for each completed requirement, a $250 bonus per certificate (up to $500 total in bonus) for completing all three requirements within each certificate, and a formal acknowledgment of their accomplishments at a Spring 2022 faculty appreciation ceremony with campus leadership.


Two-Steps to Claim Your Certificate(s)

STEP 1: Finish the two required courses + a Teaching Square for each certificate.

  • Please note: You only need to complete one Teaching Square, which is applicable to both certificates. If you register for a Spring 2022 Teaching Square, that is also applicable to both certificates. Fill out the Certificate Application by 2/22/22 to demonstrate Spring 2022 Teaching Square enrollment. 
  • If you’ve already finished these, jump to Step 2.  

STEP 2: Fill out a brief Certificate Application

CEETL Completion Certificate Requirements

QLT Certificate

Quality Learning & Teaching Certificate

  1. Online Teaching Lab (OTL) $1250
  2. Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) $1250
  3. Teaching Square $500 

Bonus reward for completing all 3 courses by 2/22/22: $250

Please note: One Teaching Square is applicable to both certificates. 

TTTT Certificate

Transformative Teaching through Transitions Certificate

  1. Teaching Through Transitions Course (TTT) $1250
  2. Teaching New & Newly Returning Students Course (TNRS) $1250
  3. Teaching Square $500

Bonus reward for completing all 3 courses by 2/22/22: $250

Please note: One Teaching Square is applicable to both certificates. 

Earn up to $6K (including $500 in Bonus Rewards) 

  • For a limited time - participants will receive a $250 bonus reward for each completed certificate (up to $500 total in bonus rewards).
  • Complete the courses and Stipend Application by Feb 22, 2022.