Welcome from the Faculty Director





Welcome from the Faculty Directors, Amy Kilgard and Wei Ming Dariotis



Welcome to the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL)—the hub connecting all SF State faculty with support and professional development opportunities that promote equity-minded, innovative, and reflective learning and teaching.

As faculty members at SFSU, we are committed to our personal and collective growth toward the enactment of social justice via education for our students, colleagues, and communities.

To support that process, these are our ABC’s of equity-minded teaching and learning:

Abundance: embrace asset-based rather than deficit-based attitudes about students, colleagues, and yourself.
Belonging: create a sense of welcome, hospitality, invitation, care, and relevant education.
Communication: develop your, your students’, and your colleagues’ interpersonal communication skills.
Development: scaffold assignments and activities to build skills and knowledge.
Experience: engage experiential learning that embraces students’ and colleagues’ wisdom.
Foundations: connect students and colleagues with resources and opportunities to meet their holistic needs to create a community mutual support.
Generosity: enact cultural humility to acknowledge your own and others’ positionality.
Heterogeneity: embrace various learning styles & provide multiple, diverse opportunities for students and colleagues to demonstrate their learning and knowledge.

CEETL hosts numerous workshops, events, and programs to support our development as equity-minded teachers and learners. Please see the CEETL calendar for the full schedule.

We look forward to seeing you all at a CEETL event soon!

In solidarity & joy,

Amy Kilgard and Wei Ming Dariotis