Anti-Racist Pedagogy Resources

A curated list of resources to support anti-racist teaching, because “The opposite of racist isn’t ‘not racist’” (Ibram X Kendi).


Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future By Asao B. Inoue\

Peralta Community College District’s Online Equity Rubric

Black Lives Matter

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness: Home

Black 2 the Futures Action Fund COVID Plan


Petition · Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Big Floyd

Letters for Black Lives 

The Translations Project 

Cultural Humility

Dr. Vivian Chavez shares Cultural Humility documentary on Youtube | Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)

Message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous leader on 03/16/2020

Resilient Pedagogy

Jeff Duncan-Andrade at SFSU Faculty Retreat January 2020

Preparing for Future Disruption: Hybrid, Resilient Teaching for a New Instructional Age | Learning Innovation

Shut Down STEM Resources & Shareables from #ShutDownSTEM and #Strike4BlackLives

Trainings Overview — Freedom Lifted’s Freedom Schools

Mattering Pedagogy: A Conversation with Bettina L. Love: Part 1


Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp

#POCPD: People of Color in Education PD Directory

Trauma-informed Teaching

Bali, Maha. Pedagogy of Care: Covid-19 Edition | Reflecting Allowed

Berke, D. & Ghabour, R. “Trauma-Informed Educational Practices in Higher Education.” Webinar, January 29, 2019. (free through June 30, 2020) 

Carello, Janice & Butler, Lisa D. Potentially Perilous Pedagogies: Teaching Trauma is not the Same as Trauma-Informed Teaching. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation 15, 153-168. (2014).

Davidson, Shannon. (2017). Trauma-Informed Practices for Post-Secondary Education: A Guide. Portland, Oregon: Education Northwest.

Pandemic Predispositions: Minority Trauma Responses in Higher Education

White Allyship and Anti-Racism

Anti-racism resources for white people

Kim Crayton’s Introduction to Being an Antiracist, June 27, 8am-11am for San Francisco, specifically geared to white people to learn how to start their antiracist journey, cost $30

Also recommended, the Seeing White podcast series by Scene On Radio