Equitable Teaching Workshop Series

CEETL's Equitable Teaching Series

CEETL's Equitable Teaching Series explores foundational teaching approaches that foster equity and inclusivity in support of student success. While funds are available, CEETL is able to pay lecturing faculty $50 per participant for each face-to-face and/or synchronous online Equitable Teaching Series workshop they complete.  For lecturing faculty attending an ETS workshop, please be sure to register, complete the sign-in sheet, and fill out the necessary paperwork to receive funding.

Topics include:

  • Student Centered Design in iLearn
  • Lesson Planning for Student Success
  • TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) Your Assignment
  • Active & Inclusive Learning Strategies
  • Engaging Large Classes
  • Reflective Teaching Practice
  • VOLT (Video for Online Learning & Teaching)
  • QLT Hybrid Teaching Workshop
  • Developing Your Teaching ePortfolio
  • Inclusive Syllabus

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