First Year Experience PIE

First Year Experience banner PIE chart

What is FY PIE

FY PIE is a two-day institute offered in cohorts that focuses on supporting student success, persistence, and feelings of inclusion and belonging. Specific topics in the FY PIE Institute include:

  • Intro to First Year Experience
  • Metacognition, reflective practice & ePortfolio development
  • Health, well-being, & mindfulness
  • Advising, study skills & time management
  • Identity, belonging, equity & inclusion
  • Critical Digital and Information literacies
  • Rhetorical awareness & writing processes

Who is eligible to participate in the FY PIE Institute?

Instructors of record (lecturer faculty, T/TT faculty, or Graduate Teaching Associates) who are currently teaching, or assigned to teach within the next academic year, one or more of the following courses are provided a stipend and given first priority for registration:

  • Area A1: Oral Communication
  • Area A2: Written English Communication
  • Area A3: Critical Thinking
  • Area B4: Quantitative Reasoning
  • Area E:  First Year Experience, Life-long Learning & Self-Development

When space is available, other instructors are welcome to participate, though we are not able to provide a stipend in those cases.

When is the course offered and how can I register?


All stipends for CEETL course completions by eligible participants are processed through payroll and are subject to tax, so the final amount and timing for stipend payments may vary according to individual tax rates and employment status with the university. To monitor incoming payments, we recommend you turn on your bank notifications to get alerts on your accounts. All members of the SF State teaching community are welcome to engage in and complete CEETL faculty development courses for a certificate, but due to CSU policy the following appointments will not be eligible to receive a stipend: MPPs, Staff, FERP faculty, and individuals not actively employed at SF State.

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