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When is FY PIE and how can I register?

Enrollment is closed at this time.

First Year Experience PIE

What is FY PIE

FY PIE is a two-day institute offered in cohorts that focuses on supporting student success, persistence, and feelings of inclusion and belonging. Specific topics in the FY PIE Institute include:

  • Intro to First Year Experience
  • Metacognition, reflective practice & ePortfolio development
  • Health, well-being, & mindfulness
  • Advising, study skills & time management
  • Identity, belonging, equity & inclusion
  • Critical digital and Information literacies
  • Rhetorical awareness & writing processes

Who is eligible to participate in the FY PIE Institute?

Instructors of record (lecturer faculty, T/TT faculty or Graduate Teaching Associates) who are currently teaching, or assigned to teach within the next academic year, one or more of the following courses are provided a stipend and given first priority for registration:

  • Area A1: Oral Communication
  • Area A2: Written English Communication
  • Area A3: Critical Thinking
  • Area B4: Quantitative Reasoning
  • Area E:  First Year Experience, Life-long Learning & Self-Development

When space is available, other instructors are welcome to participate, though we are not able to provide a stipend in those cases.


Questions? Email CEETL at

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