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What is a First Year PIE Certificate?

The Center for Equity & Inclusion in Teaching & Learning is partnering with campus departments to offer a series of certificates on Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE), the first of which is focused on teaching first year (FY) students: FY PIE!

Visit these links below to learn more and or register for each FY PIE Slice courses: 

  1. FY PIE Institute (Two-day)
  2. Equitable Teaching Series Workshops
  3. Teaching & Learning Community
  4. Reflective Teaching ePortfolio

The PIE Slices support faculty as they build community, expand upon their teaching foundations, engage in critical practice, and reflect upon their personal and professional growth. 

Is CEETL the only one offering PIE?

Currently, the entire FY PIE certificate may be completed through CEETL offerings, and we are also working with specific programs within the "Golden 5" (i.e. First Year Experience, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Reasoning) to further ground the second and third Slices within localized teaching practice.

How can I get some FY PIE?

Whether you only want a Slice of the PIE or the whole FY PIE certificate, there are many ways to get involved. Below is a brief overview of the Slices in the FY PIE Certificate, with links to more information and opportunities to participate.

The FY PIE certificate consists of four components, also known as Slices of PIE:

Slice 1: FY PIE Institute (15 hours )

CEETL Sponsored

A two-day institute offered in cohorts that focuses on supporting student success, persistence, and feelings of inclusion and belonging. Specific topics in the FY PIE Institute include:

  • Intro to First Year Experience
  • Metacognition, reflective practice & ePortfolio development
  • Health, well-being, & mindfulness
  • Advising, study skills & time management
  • Identity, belonging, equity & inclusion
  • Critical digital and Information literacies
  • Rhetorical awareness & writing processes

Format: Two-day institutes offered in January and May, 2020. Check back soon for May dates and registration information!

Slice 2: Equitable Teaching Series (10 hours)

CEETL or Department Sponsored

A series of workshops that promote evidence-based teaching strategies in support of equitable and inclusive student-centered learning at the curricular, course, lesson, interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. Specific workshops include:

  • Student Centered Design in iLearn
  • Lesson Planning for Student Success
  • TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) Your Assignment
  • Active & Inclusive Learning Strategies
  • Engaging Large Classes
  • Reflective Teaching Practice

Format: In-person and virtual workshops offered by CEETL, or partner departments within the "Golden 5," throughout the semester. Register for Equitable Teaching Sereis workshops here and see the call for a Faculty Fellow for Critical Thinking here.

Slice 3: Teaching & Learning Communities (10 hours)

CEETL or Department Sponsored

Reflective teaching and learning communities of 8-12 individuals that foster reflective teaching practice and, based on the preference of the group, can take either a practical or theoretical approach. Outcomes may include peer mentorship through teaching observations and related discussions, the creation of equitable course materials, or the production of a scholarly research publication.

Format: Faculty-led communities that meet at least 6 times in a semester, in person or virtually, at a mutually determined time. See call for TLC Leads here.

Slice 4: Reflective Teaching ePortfolio (10 hours)

CEETL Sponsored       

Culminating teaching portfolios in which faculty members share and reflect upon artifacts and examples from their own teaching to demonstrate personal and professional growth and achievement of the teaching outcomes presented in the Institute, Equitable Teaching Foundations, and Teaching and Learning Communities.

Format: Faculty will use the same web-based environment for their teaching ePortfolios, Portfolium, as required of students in the First Year Experience. See call for CEETL Reflective Teaching Practice here.

Please contact for further information and to express interest.

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