HI-QLT Course Redesign Projects

High Impact Quality Learning and Teaching (HI-QLT)

Stipend: Up to $1500 (pre-tax) per faculty participant, (maximum $15,000) per proposed project

Estimated Time Commitment: 25 hours 

Timing: Call for proposals ended on June 15, 2020; Projects Due by October 30, 2020

Total Projects Funded: 45

High Impact Quality Learning & Teaching Course Redesign Projects

What is High Impact Quality Learning & Teaching?

Description: The HI-QLT Course Redesign program encourages faculty to expand their online teaching skills within a project-based faculty development community.The redesign team is encouraged to also engage in, and complete, the CEETL offerings described above to inform their redesign projects and deepen their HI-QLT faculty learning community.

Funding for these projects was prioritized in terms of potential positive impact on student success related to high enrollment numbers, large equity gaps, high DFWs, critical courses for progress to degree, or courses that are really difficult to teach in an online environment. Course releases, equipment, student assistant salaries, or other items beyond the faculty development stipends were not eligible for funding. 

Redesign teams will:

  • Work together to adapt and develop student engagement and assessment activities for online modalities;
  • Apply inclusive, anti-racist, and liberatory pedagogies in support of student success to this redesign;
  • Offer ongoing support to members of the course redesign teams; and
  • Celebrate successes, share course materials, teaching strategies and approaches.

Ready to Claim Your Stipends?  

Congratulations! You are in the final steps of finishing your HI-QLT Course Redesign projects and are making a powerful difference to the success our students. To claim your stipends, we ask the project lead provide the following information on behalf of the team (one submission per project). Please submit these by October 30, 2020, though we will process payments earlier, on a monthly schedule, depending on the date of the submission.  

1. Final Team Roster & Stipend Amounts

We understand that the project team membership, and some of the outcomes, may have changed since the first proposal was submitted. This is not a problem, as long as your project stays within the original amount awarded and individual stipends do not exceed $1500 per person. Please download this Excel sheet, complete the information for each project participant receiving a stipend, and upload it to this Qualtrics form, along with the redesign examples and reflection. 

2. Three to Five Examples from the Final Course Redesign

These examples can be files, links or screenshots from the actual redesigned course. CEETL would like celebrate the excellent work coming from these projects, so we will ask permission to showcase your project, including examples and reflections, on our CEETL website. You may refuse to share these publicly, however, and this decision will not negatively affect your stipend payment. 

3. Short Reflection (one per proposal, 250-750 words)

Keeping in mind that the focus of the CARES-2 funding is to support faculty as they further develop the skills to teach online, this reflection is an opportunity to discuss the learning about teaching that has happened as a result of this redesign project. In other words, briefly, and somewhat informally, describe:

  • how you (and your redesign team) have met the goals of your original proposal; 
  • how you have applied inclusive, anti-racist pedagogies in support of student success; and
  • what you (and your redesign team) have learned in the process that will inform your future teaching.

If you have any questions, please contact ceetl@sfsu.edu.

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