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CEETL Discussion Circles: Conversations for a Post-Pandemic Classroom

Beginning Fall 2022, please join CEETL and interdepartmental peer leaders as we examine adapting and emerging best practices in teaching and learning. We would like to invite you to a series of discussion circles focusing on conversations for a post-pandemic classroom. These interactive sessions will be grounded in the exchange of perspectives and ideas.

Topics include:

  • Balance: Preserving Yourself & Setting Boundaries, September 27th
  • Beyond Accommodations: Disability Inclusive Pedagogies & Lessons from the Pandemic with the Paul K. Longmore Institute, October 10th
  • Bend without Breaking: Flexible, Sustainable Course Design for Faculty and Student Success, October 26th
  • Reckoning through Reading: Strategies for Engagement and Equity, November 2nd
  • The Classroom as Community: Inclusive Pedagogies and Strengths-Based Teaching, November 30th

Will there be a stipend for participating? Not at this time. Discussion Circles are not eligible for stipends. Stipends for faculty participation in CEETL offerings were made possible through one-time, emergency federal funding (CARES and HEERF) for COVID-19. This funding source has concluded as of 4/25/22.


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November 30th Discussion Circle

The Classroom as Community: Inclusive Pedagogies and Strengths-Based Teaching

Kira Donnell, Faculty Director for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

Wednesday, November 30th, 10 -11 am (LIB 242)

Student diversity provides the opportunity for highlighting a multitude of perspectives and can create an environment for in-depth discussions and community building in the classroom. How can we better tap into the wealth of knowledge and experiences our students bring to the table? Contribute to our Collective Genius as we explore ways to foster inclusivity and belonging in our teaching practices.