Keep Teaching Resources

CEETL has prepared a series of quick-start workshops and materials to support faculty as they transition from face-to-face to remote modalities. These workshops support a range of faculty experience and comfort levels.


Keep Teaching with iLearn

How do access and set up my iLearn course page? How can I add course materials to iLearn? How do I create a place for students to submit work in iLearn? What are some collaborative features of iLearn?

iLearn Forums, Assignments & Turnitin Webinar

Live demos of creating and grading assignments in iLearn, with Q&A.

Humanizing your iLearn Course Webinar

Explore design ideas to make your iLearn course more user friendly and help you foster a social presence online.


Keep Teaching with Zoom

How do I get started with Zoom? How do I use Zoom to deliver lectures remotely? How do I use Zoom to hold office hours remotely?

Engaging Student with Zoom Polling & Breakout Rooms Webinar

Live demos and best practices for Zoom Polling and Breakout Rooms in Zoom, with Q&A.


Academic Integrity by Design: Options for Remote Instruction

A faculty-led webinar that highlights culturally inclusive assessment strategies that promote academic integrity during remote instruction.