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Keep Teaching Resources: Webinar Slides, Webinar Recordings and Custom Videos

Keep Teaching with iLearn

How do access and set up my iLearn course page? How can I add course materials to iLearn? How do I create a place for students to submit work in iLearn? What are some collaborative features of iLearn?

Keep Teaching with Zoom

How do I get started with Zoom? How do I use Zoom to deliver lectures remotely? How do I use Zoom to hold office hours remotely?

iLearn Forums, Assignments & Turnitin Webinar

Live demos of creating and grading assignments in iLearn, with Q&A.

Engaging Student with Zoom Polling & Breakout Rooms Webinar

Live demos and best practices for Zoom Polling and Breakout Rooms in Zoom, with Q&A.

iLearn: Creating Exams with the Quiz Tool Webinar

Humanizing your iLearn Course Webinar

Explore design ideas to make your iLearn course more user friendly and help you foster social presence online.

Academic Integrity by Design: Options for Remote Instruction

A faculty-led webinar that highlights culturally inclusive assessment strategies that promote academic integrity during remote instruction.

Additional Resources

Accessibility Best Practices for Using Zoom for Meetings and Classes, MS Word version (produced by EDUCAUSE)

Accessibility Best Practices for Using Zoom for Meetings and Classes, PDF version (produced by EDUCAUSE)

Alternative Final Assessment (created by Cal Poly)

This webpage, created at Cal Poly, provides a variety of alternative approaches to final assessments that can be incorporated into remote teaching modalities.  The site includes suggestions for presentations, academic integrity, and flexibility for students who need more time on exams.

Maintaining Equity and Inclusion in Virtual Learning Environments

This is a webpage created at San Diego State University that provides practical pedagogical tips and resources for faculty to continue teaching in ways that are equitable and inclusive for ALL students.  There is an abundance of useful strategies, links, and resources on this site!