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Open Classrooms: Teaching as a Specta(c)tor Sport

What is the Open Classroom Initiative?

The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) invites faculty at SF State to take part in “Open Classrooms: Teaching as a Specta(c)tor Sport.” Referencing Augusto Boal’s concept of “Specta(c)tors” rather than passive “spectators,” this initiative provides space for active witnessing of one another’s classes. Faculty open their classrooms to their peers in the spirit of making teaching more public. This presents an opportunity to observe the wealth of deep knowledge addressed in our classrooms every day and to become more engaged in our community of teachers/scholars.

Why participate?

Explore a new discipline or attend a class across campus to interact with colleagues that you might not see on a regular basis. You’ll learn a lot from experts in their field and you might consider adapting an exercise or seminar format for your discipline. Participants and hosts are encouraged to speak after class and discuss teaching at SF State. If you have not taught in front of your peers, consider opening your classroom for the first time!


  • Reflect on your own and others’ teaching practices.
  • Consider new learning and teaching strategies as you see them enacted.
  • Reflect on students’ experiences in SF State classes.
  • Build community with other SF State faculty, staff and students.

What to Expect:

  1. CEETL reaches out to all faculty in February and invites them to open their classroom for one day during the week of April 6-10.
  2. After confirming the open classes, CEETL invites all faculty to register to attend one or more of the courses.
  3. A couple of days before Open Classrooms, CEETL sends an email to those that registered for classes and those that opened classes to connect each of the participants with the faculty member who opened their classroom.
  4. During Open Classrooms, faculty attend the classes of their peers. They might take an active role in discussion or they might choose to quietly observe; it is completely up to each host and witness to decide how they would most like to participate.