Reflective Teaching Portfolio

ePortfolio words next to a PIE chart

What is Reflective Teaching Portfolio?

This workshop is created to develop your teaching ePortfolio. You will learn the best practices and basic strategies to start building your teaching portfolio. You will explore ways that you can employ to showcase your teaching experience, philosophy, accomplishments and potential. Whether you are a Teaching Assistant (TA), new to teaching, or even if you have a lot of experience in teaching, this workshop will enable you to organize and develop your best teaching portfolio. 

After the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the purposes of teaching portfolios.
  • Identify the components of a teaching portfolio.
  • Identify sources of evidence and data for inclusion in a teaching portfolio.
  • Write a draft of reflective and summary statements for their teaching portfolio.

This workshop is part of CEETL’s Equitable Teaching Series, which explores foundational teaching approaches that foster equity and inclusivity in support of student success. While funds are available, CEETL is able to pay lecturing faculty $50 per participant for each face-to-face and/or synchronous online Equitable Teaching Series workshop they complete. For lecturing faculty attending an ETS workshop, please be sure to register, complete the sign-in sheet and fill out the necessary paperwork to receive funding.

When is the course offered and how can I register?

Enrollment is closed at this time.



All stipends for CEETL course completions by eligible participants are processed through payroll and are subject to tax, so the final amount and timing for stipend payments may vary according to individual tax rates and employment status with the university. To monitor incoming payments, we recommend you turn on your bank notifications to get alerts on your accounts. All members of the SF State teaching community are welcome to engage in and complete CEETL faculty development courses for a certificate, but due to CSU policy the following appointments will not be eligible to receive a stipend: MPPs, Staff, FERP faculty, and individuals not actively employed at SF State.



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