Spring 2022 Teaching Squares

Women teacher walking through her class of students

The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) invites participation in the Spring 2022 Teaching Squares program.  

A teaching square is a group of four (sometimes five) faculty, usually from across disciplines, that meet regularly throughout a semester to support one another and celebrate best practices for teaching and learning (Haave, 2014).  At SF State, we opened up the format for the teaching squares such that faculty can self-organize into their groups, and the sizes can exceed the typical four-person group.  Alternatively, faculty can also register to be grouped by CEETL into a cross-disciplinary square of four to five people.

Teaching Square groups can: 

  • Collaborate in a reciprocal self and peer course observation with your peers and colleagues, using this example tool
  • Engage in conversations within your square, share and try new teaching strategies, reflect on your course(s), and celebrate successes. 
  • Offer ongoing support to members of the teaching squares as we continue our way through a year full of transition. 

Spring 2022 Teaching Squares concluded on 4/8/22.

  • Thank you for participating in Spring 2022 Teaching Squares. We are currently processing completions at this time. All stipends for CEETL course completions by eligible participants are processed through payroll and are subject to tax, so the final amount and timing for stipend payments may vary according to individual tax rates and employment status with the university. To monitor incoming payments, we recommend you turn on your bank notifications to get alerts on your accounts. All members of the SF State teaching community are welcome to engage in and complete CEETL faculty development courses for a certificate, but due to CSU policy the following appointments will not be eligible to receive a stipend: MPPs, Staff, FERP faculty, individuals with hourly appointments, and individuals not actively employed at SF State.
  • Stipends for faculty completion of CEETL course offerings were made possible through one-time emergency federal funding (CARES and HEERF) for COVID-19. This funding source has now concluded as of 4/25/22. CEETL courses remain available as open resources for the campus community, though stipends for completion will no longer be awarded.

Learn more and register for additional QLT or TTTT Certificate courses

Online Teaching Lab words next to a PIE chart and computer

What is the Online Teaching Lab?

The Online Teaching Lab (OTL) is a fully asynchronous, completely self-paced online course about online teaching. Our community norms emphasize curiosity, kindness and compassion with oneself and with each other as we navigate together this unusual time in history.

JEDI PIE words next to PIE chart

What is JEDI PIE?

The JEDI PIE Institute builds a community of JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) protagonists through twenty-five hours of practice of developing anti-racist pedagogy and dismantling white supremacy in online teaching

SF State students walking on campus pass administration building

What is the Teaching New and Returning Students Course?

Promote inclusion, belonging, persistence and academic success for all of our new and newly returning students! The Teaching New & Newly Returning Students (TNRS) course offers resources, teaching strategies and collegial discussions to support the persistence and academic success of all students. The course is fully online, self-paced and asynchronous. 

SF State student working on a laptop outside

What is Teaching Through Transitions?

Leverage your asynchronous course backbone to create flexible, manageable and disruption-proof courses in any learning mode. The Teaching Through Transitions course offers resources, activities and discussions to help faculty prepare teaching mindsets for a transitional year. The course is fully online, self-paced and asynchronous.

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