Transformative Teaching Through Transitions PIE Certificate

Transformative Teaching Through Transitions (TTT) PIE Certificate

What is Transformative Teaching Through Transitions (TTTT) PIE Certificate

The Transformative Teaching Through Transitions (TTTT)  Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE) Certificate is your go-to faculty development program for all things related to teaching during this transitional year. The TTTT Certificate in specific is an aid for faculty and students to navigate this transitional period successfully. As such, the TTTT certificate program consists of three courses — "Teaching Through Transitions;" "Teaching New & Newly Returning Students;" and participation in a "Teaching Square." The three courses are optional and can be taken individually, in sequence or simultaneously. The TTTT Certificate is funded by the Higher Education Emergency Relief (HEERF). 

The courses in this certificate program represent what we call a Slice of PIE. Each Slice of PIE addresses one of our three main curricular components — foundational knowledge, specialized knowledge and peer learning community. Once you participate and complete all three courses — Slices of PIE — in this program, you will receive the TTTT PIE Certificate! 


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What is the Teaching New and Returning Students Course?

Promote inclusion, belonging, persistence and academic success for all of our new and newly returning students! The Teaching New & Newly Returning Students (TNRS) course offers resources, teaching strategies and collegial discussions to support the persistence and academic success of all students. The course is fully online, self-paced and asynchronous.

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What is Teaching Through Transitions?

Leverage your asynchronous course backbone to create flexible, manageable and disruption-proof courses in any learning mode. The Teaching Through Transitions course offers resources, activities and discussions to help faculty prepare teaching mindsets for a transitional year. The course is fully online, self-paced and asynchronous.

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What is an Online Teaching Square?

Faculty join three other teaching colleagues, usually from across disciplines, to form a supportive, non-evaluative “Teaching Square” to share inclusive teaching practices and learn and support one another throughout the fall semester. You can join a self-organized or CEETL-organized "Teaching Square' group.