The University Committee on Written English Proficiency (CWEP) is an Academic Senate subcommittee that “serves as a ‘clearing house’ for all-University literacy efforts” (Senate Policy S16-014). For several years, CWEP’s focus was on approving GWAR classes for departments across campus. As GWAR has become established, CWEP has turned its attention to other matters such as graduate writing and reading and supporting faculty who teach (or want to teach) writing and reading.


CWEP serves in an advisory role on campus policy related to writing and reading for all students –incoming freshmen, transfer students, multilingual students, and graduate students. It collaborates with the Director of WRAC as well as a wide variety of academic and administrative committees as well as the Office of Academic Affairs to solve problems and develop faculty professional development and outreach.



CWEP consists of voting members representing each College, as well as the Library; the Learning Assistance Center; the English department; the Composition program; the Composition for Multilingual Students program; and student representatives. Non-voting members from the administrative offices at SFSU reflect the widespread support for WRAC on campus. 



CWEP is deeply committed to fostering writing and reading across campus and welcomes any member of the campus community to bring any ideas or concerns to the Committee. We strongly feel that dialogue is a critical element to building a strong university culture around writing and reading.