Faculty Development Opportunities

We provide professional development opportunities to help faculty learn how to better ground their writing and reading pedagogy in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Encouraging faculty collaboration and co-learning are critical to these efforts and the resources shared below reflect our goal of cultivating a community of faculty mentors and leaders. In addition to courses and programs designed specifically for supporting student success and learning WAC curricula, there are also other available courses that offer opportunities for continuing professional development in pedagogical theory, equitable and inclusive online course design and faculty community building. The courses are provided below to assist faculty with course design and developing best teaching practices, but do not require completion. These resources below reflect our goal of cultivating a community of faculty leadership and mentorship.

I'm happy to say that participating in JEDI Writing PIE has validated my approach to teaching writing, but the modules and my colleagues' sharings have inspired me to think more deeply about different ways to engage students in the learning process so that the time we spend in class is more meaningful and deliberate.
Eli Review Workshops

Curious about using Eli Review? It's easy to get started: Join one of their FREE asynchronous, week-long professional development workshops and learn how Eli works by participating as both a student and an instructor. Workshops occur monthly.  For more info, including how to sign up, click here.

Giver’s Gain Drives Peer Learning

  • Location: Zoom
  • When: Friday's from 10:00 a.m to 10:30 a.m.

If you are interested in joining with our community, reach out to us:


Join the SF State Eli Review Teaching & Learning Community! In our weekly webinars, instructors learn how to use the app and how to build a culture of feedback in their classes. Learn high-impact evidence-based pedagogies that help students become better disciplinary readers, writers and engaged students. See the Weekly Webinar Agenda here.

Among other items, participants will focus on how to:

  • help students benefit from giving feedback;
  • help students detect problems in both their own and the work of peers;
  • help students focus on the criteria needed to succeed;
  • help students become proficient giver’s of helpful feedback; and
  • promote fairness, equity, and engagement. 
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JEDI Writing PIE

Offered by Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL), the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Writing and reading Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE) Institute is a fully asynchronous, completely self-paced online course about teaching writing and reading based on pedagogies for inclusive excellence. This institute was designed for faculty who teach writing and reading in their disciplines and provides resources, skills, and strategies to help faculty teach writing and reading grounded in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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CEETL Faculty Development

WAC has joined the CEETL community. CEETL offers faculty development programming that addresses foundational and specialized teaching learning theory and practices, with a focus on social justice and inclusion in teaching and learning.

Workshops and Consultations

We offer workshops and consultations to support faculty teaching writing and reading-intensive courses in the/their discipline and support them as they invest in student writing and reading. Whether a workshop or an individualized consultation, we facilitate discussions about specific writing and reading goals and outcomes customized to specific majors, academic levels and departments.