Student Writing and Reading-Intensive Courses

To help students, we provide information and resources for a variety of undergraduate writing and reading-intensive courses, including First-Year Writing and Reading, Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) , Capstone Course and Graduate Culminating Experience. 

Undergraduate Courses

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Undergraduate Capstone Courses

Capstone courses have a variety of names, depending on your major and discipline. Common names for capstone courses include culmination project, senior seminar, internship or final exhibition. Capstone course curricula also vary depending on your major. English majors often write a long paper, engineering majors often put together a final project and science majors often conduct research. Capstone courses are designed to help you demonstrate and apply all the knowledge you have gained throughout your undergraduate education. A capstone course will help you hone your knowledge, build your resume and improve your confidence.

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Undergraduate First-Year Writing and Reading

SF State's First-Year writing and reading courses are designed to help you become a confident writer. First-Year writing and reading class sizes are small to allow for increased faculty and peer collaboration to help you achieve your educational goals. In addition, these courses are designed with student success at the forefront, so you have the option to select from the first-year writing and reading course that best suits you.

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Undergraduate Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

At SF State, the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) courses are upper-division courses that also satisfy your major’s writing and reading-intensive course requirement. GWAR courses build on previous writing and reading courses and, specifically, help you learn the writing and reading genres and styles of your chosen major. Your GWAR course instructor, a subject-matter expert in your field of study, will help guide you on the conventions of writing and reading in your discipline throughout the course, and may sequence assignments to help you build towards writing and reading industry-standard projects, papers, studies, scripts and articles.

Graduate Courses

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Graduate Culminating Experience

All graduate students must complete a culminating experience to fulfill the University’s graduate requirement to earn their Master’s degree. A graduate culminating experience is designed to help you demonstrate and apply the knowledge you have accumulated throughout your master’s coursework and research, if applicable, toward completion of the degree. Depending on your discipline, you will integrate and synthesize knowledge by applying theories and principles in the format of an exam, project, thesis and oral dissertation. (Graduate courses refer to courses numbered 700-899. Undergraduate students do not need to take graduate courses to fulfill their degree requirements).

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