​Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Writing PIE

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What is the JEDI Writing PIE Institute?

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Writing Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE) Institute is a fully asynchronous, completely self-paced online course about teaching writing based on pedagogies for inclusive excellence. This institute is designed especially for faculty who teach writing across the curriculum and in their disciplines and provides a range of equitable, inclusive and anti-racist online teaching resources and strategies.

This 25-hour, asynchronous, fully online course centers the act of teaching writing within justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) principles and is the result of deep collaborations between the faculty developers who have created the Writing Across the Curriculum / Writing Across the Disciplines (WAC/WID) curriculum, the Online Teaching Lab and the JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) PIE (Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence) courses.

In the JEDI Writing PIE, participants will:

  • Participate in a course designed for interaction, not content delivery.
  • Create authentic products to use in their own courses.
  • Reflect on their learning in the community with their faculty peers.
  • Receive feedback from JEDI Writing PIE faculty mentors.

Participants will explore modules focusing on the following topics: 

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Writing Pedagogy.
  • Teaching Writing in the Disciplines.
  • Assignment Design and Scaffolding.
  • Scaffolding Research Skills to Build Information Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Peer Response to Student Writing.
  • Instructor Response to Student Writing.

Learning Outcomes

You may access a comprehensive list of JEDI Writing PIE learning outcomes here.

This course is offered as an open resource. 

Stipends for faculty completion of CEETL course offerings were made possible through one-time emergency federal funding (CARES and HEERF) for COVID-19. This funding source has now concluded as of 4/25/22. CEETL courses remain available as open resources for the campus community, though stipends for completion will no longer be awarded.



Learn more and register for each QLT PIE slice courses:

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What is the Online Teaching Lab?

The Online Teaching Lab (OTL) is a fully asynchronous, completely self-paced online course about online teaching. Our community norms emphasize curiosity, kindness and compassion with oneself and with each other as we navigate together this unusual time in history.

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What is JEDI PIE?

The JEDI PIE Institute builds a community of JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) protagonists through 25 hours of practice of developing anti-racist pedagogy and dismantling white supremacy in online teaching. 

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What is Online Teaching Squares?

Faculty participants join three other teaching colleagues to form a supportive, non-evaluative “teaching square,” to share inclusive teaching practices and learn from each other throughout the fall semester. 


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