Mission, Vision, and Core Values




Our Mission

The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) is the heart of the University’s commitment to a culture that values and rewards teaching, supports diversity among learners and promotes learning environments that foster social justice and the respectful and vigorous exchange of ideas in which students and faculty thrive and succeed. We recognize that meaningfully integrating teaching with scholarship and community engagement leads to more fulfilled and successful faculty who feel supported in all aspects of their professional identities and growth and students who are engaged and motivated to learn.

In support of the University’s mission and strategic plan, CEETL:

  • Provides institutional support for all faculty, across all levels of teaching, throughout their careers;
  • Develops programming and facilitates incentives in support of teaching excellence;
  • Offers opportunities for continuing development in pedagogical theory, practice, and innovation;
  • Communicates about and connects faculty with all teaching-related professional development opportunities at SF State;
  • Creates and advocates for a faculty community that is a source of connection, inspiration, and reflection.


  • Increase public discussion about teaching and learning on campus and to highlight the ways this focus on teaching contributes to student success;
  • Amplify and celebrate outstanding and innovative teaching and professional development in teaching that faculty are doing on campus;
  • Become the hub of all teaching-related professional development on campus through developing and sustaining relationships and communication with other campus initiatives and units;
  • Provide institutional support for all faculty, across all levels of teaching, throughout their careers.

Core Values

  • Students become more engaged and motivated to learn when teaching and scholarship are integrated with community engagement in meaningful ways;
  • Faculty feel more fulfilled and successful when supported in all aspects of their professional growth and identities;
  • The University's mission and commitment to teaching, learning, equity, and social justice can be supported through inclusive and anti-racist pedagogies and universal design for learning.



CEETL's Community Norms

  • Recognize one's own positionality (institutional as well as personal) in relationship to others; 
  • Consider the impact of one's words, regardless of one's intentions;
  • Respond from a place of curiosity, rather than judgment, by asking open-ended questions;
  • Continue engagement towards truth and reconciliation--when possible- despite the difficulty of the dialogue, and
  • Forgo bystander apathy by calling attention to language or behaviors that are unjust toward a particular person or group of people and respond in a way that helps to maintain a supportive environment.