Teaching Support in the context of the Israel-Hamas War

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Instructors often face ‘difficult to teach’ moments in the classroom when the world outside the classroom is in turmoil and the events are unrelated to course content. We recommend instructors pause, make space and engage students in respectful and thoughtful civic discourse. We recommend not introducing new content related to these events unless it is relevant for the course. Instead instructor can check in with students who may be impacted by the conflict and use these resources to inform themselves and make available to their students.

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CEETL's existing guidance on Conversations About Challenging Moments may be helpful.

These resources speak to a wide variety of incidents in and outside the classroom and will provide instructors with some tools for their classroom.

Faculty are also encouraged to attend Ally trainings offered by Division of Equity and Community Inclusion (DECI).
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The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) has compiled a list of resources for higher education professionals here.

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Teaching Resources

Resources for Students

AMED Studies
SFSU Edward Said Mural
SFSU Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies
SFSU Muslim Student Association
SFSU General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS)
SFSU Pakistani Student Association
SFSU Indian Student Association
SFSU Bangladeshi Student Association​​​​​​

DECI Muslim Student Life Coordinator

  • Sara Alhanich, Coordinator, Muslim Student Life & Interfaith Programs. Sara was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and moved to the U.S to pursue her undergraduate studies at UC Santa Cruz in Politics and Sociology. Following her undergraduate degree, Sara graduated from SFSU with an M.A in Ethnic Studies.