Meeting the Moment: Using AI in the Classroom

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CEETL held a mini-symposium on AI and teaching on zoom on Friday May 3rd from 9:00 - 12:00. Program included faculty presentations and a keynote speech by Jose Antonio Bowen.

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9:00-9:10 am Welcome and Introduction - RECORDING
Dr. Jennifer Trainor, Professor of English, CEETL Faculty Fellow

9:15-10:25 am Parallel Sessions

Breakout Room 1 - RECORDING
Chair: Dr. Anoshua Chaudhuri, Senior Director of CEETL

Scott Campbell, Humanities and Comparative World Literature
Discovering Humanity: Comparing Human and AI-Generated Fiction in a Literature Class 

Wes Bethel, Computer Science
Leveraging AI in the Sciences

Debra Glass, Design
Creating Community Standards for AI-Generated Art in a Design Production Course

Chenwei Li, Management and Yikaun Lee, International Business
Using AI to Teach Leadership Skills

Salah Hamdoun, Science, Technology and Society Hub
AI in Development Studies: Dis-embedded Education, and Re-embedded Learning

Breakout Room 2 - RECORDING
Chair: Dr. Jessica Adams-Grigorieff, Teaching and Learning Specialist, CEETL

Chris Lahey, Communication Studies
Using Generative AI to Empower First-Year Students  

Casondra Sobieralski, Art
But is it Art? Exploring AI Image Generators with Digital Media Students 

Ernita Joaquin, School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement
The “Logic of Foolishness” and Generative Intelligence in Teaching and Learning

Nasser Shahrasbi, Information Systems
Beyond the Textbook: Using AI Tools to Create Dynamic, Unlimited Question Banks

Sana Hussaini, Design
Students’ Reflecting on AI Usage in Design 

10:25-10:30 am Reconvene in the main room & Concluding Remarks -- RECORDING

10:30-11:00 am Break

11:00-12:00 Keynote Presentation and Q&A by Jose Antonio Bowen

Esteemed scholar José Antonio Bowen, author of Teaching Naked and his forthcoming book Teaching with AI, will offer a keynote speech about the future of teaching and learning in higher education in an age of Generative AI. 

See Bowen's Handout and Prompt examples shared during Keynote. Recording is available for SF State employees upon request at


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