Teaching Large Online Classes Micro-Course

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The Teaching Large Online Classes Micro-Course focuses on best practices for teaching and engaging students in large Online Courses. Micro-courses are short courses focused on one topic. The format of this course is primarily asynchronous, with one optional Zoom session that will include SF State faculty sharing their successes. In The Teaching Large Online Classes Micro-Course, participants will: 

  • Discuss best practices to foster inclusion and student interaction in high enrollment classes.
  • Explore assessment strategies for large student groups online.
  • Reflect and share methods they plan to use in teaching large online classes.

Criteria for completion badge and stipend payment: 

  • Engage in a minimum of three hours of activity within the course; and
  • Submit a short reflection. 


When is the course offered and how can I register?

  • Stipend: $250 (pre-tax) upon completion for faculty; $110 (pre-tax) for GTAs
  • Estimated Time Commitment: Three to four hours. 
  • When: Feb. 8 to 26, 2021. 

Registration is closed at this time.

The course runs from Feb. 8 to 26, 2021. Registration is closed at this time. 


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