Teaching Pedagogies Institutes and Certificates

Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE) banner showing pie chart

We have organized our faculty development curriculum around four main components, which we refer to as Slices of Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE). All of our certificates consist of our four Slices of PIE. The PIE Slices support faculty as they build community, expand upon their teaching foundations, engage in critical practice and reflect upon their personal and professional growth. 

The four slices of PIE include:

Foundational Teaching Skills

Development, through a series of workshops or an institute.

Specialized Knowledge 

Development, through a deep dive into the discipline with faculty experts.

Peer Learning Communities

A semester-long engagement in reflective teaching practice with faculty peers.

Reflective Teaching Portfolio

Teaching artifacts and reflections that demonstrate an application of these pedagogies for inclusive excellence into one’s own teaching.




PIE Certificates Offered

Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Online Certificate pie chart

Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Online Certificate

Funded by a CARES-2 allocation to support faculty as they transition to remote instruction, we are offering Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Online PIE.
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First Year (FY) PIE Certificate pie chart

First Year (FY) PIE Certificate

A series of certificates on Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence (PIE), the first of which is focused on teaching first year (FY) students.
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