Calendar of Events

CEETL offers a variety of annual events and programming, such as the annual Faculty Retreat, a week-long curriculum for new faculty each year at the beginning of the fall semester, and more!

CEETL Faculty Retreat graphic showing save the date with five colored fists raised in the air


CEETL develops programming and hosts the annual Faculty Retreat, where, for example, faculty and other invited members of the University community can share their pedagogies, participate in workshops, showcase their research, scholarship, and creative activities. Each year, we also provide a week-long curriculum for new faculty at the beginning of the fall semester.  

Past Retreats

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CEETL Discussion Circles: Conversations for a Post-Pandemic Classroom

Beginning Fall 2022, please join CEETL and interdepartmental peer leaders as we examine adapting and emerging best practices in teaching and learning.

Please check back soon for event dates!