Calendar of Events

2023 CEETL Teaching Awards banner with people shaking hands

Nominate a Faculty Member for a CEETL Award

Deadline March 6th

CEETL Excellence in Teaching First-Year Students Awards

Nominate a lecturer or T/TT faculty member who has shown extraordinary teaching among first-year students. 

CEETL Exemplary Teaching Awards

Nominate a lecturer or T/TT faculty member who has made a difference in the lives of SF State undergraduate or graduate students through high-impact teaching practices.


JEDI Wednesdays Banner with Lightsabers on the right

JEDI Wednesdays


Join CEETL in LIB 242 once a month on Wednesdays to discuss teaching through an equity lens. Grounded in the exchange of perspectives and ideas, JEDI Wednesdays is a series of in-person discussions that focus on inclusivity and belonging in our teaching practices.


A $50 stipend will be awarded to faculty attendees for each session.



Spring 23 Teaching Institute Banner with woman at laptop

Spring 23 Teaching Institute


Join CEETL for an 8-week fully online synchronous and/or asynchronous course offering from 2/20-4/21 exploring equitable and relevant teaching practices and perspectives. This learning community is designed to support faculty in their pedagogy, provide a space for connection with other faculty members, and share resources to support student success.


Banner Bridging Canvas CEETL Course

Bridging Canvas Professional Development Course


CEETL’s instructional design team invites all faculty to join our Bridging Canvas course in preparation for our phased transition to the Canvas Learning Management System. This fully online, self-paced and asynchronous course is designed to support faculty in transitioning from iLearn to Canvas. The course offers resources, activities, and discussions for faculty adjusting their pedagogical and course design approaches to a new Learning Management System.