Bridging Canvas

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CEETL’s instructional design team invites all faculty to join our Bridging Canvas course in preparation for our phased transition to the Canvas Learning Management System. This fully online, self-paced and asynchronous course is designed to support faculty in transitioning from iLearn to Canvas. The course offers resources, activities and discussions for faculty adjusting their pedagogical and course design approaches to a new LMS.

In the Bridging Canvas course, participants will: 

  • be introduced to the basic instructional features in Canvas such as Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Modules, and more;
  • consider how Canvas is similar to and different from iLearn;
  • build on their expertise in pedagogies of equitable and inclusive learning to adapt their courses to a new LMS; 
  • apply real-world practices for diversifying assessment and student collaborations through Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • and share their own expertise in Canvas if they have used it in other programs and institutions.

Will there be a stipend for course completion?

Not at this time. Course completions are not eligible for stipends.

Stipends for faculty completion of CEETL course offerings were made possible through a one-time emergency federal funding (CARES and HEERF) for COVID-19. This funding source has concluded as of 4/25/22.

When is the course offered and how can I register?

The course is now open. You can enroll in the course by clicking on this link. (This will direct to the AT Canvas page. Please click on the "Log In to Canvas" button on the top right corner.)




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