Reading for Meaning Micro-Course

three students reading a book together while outside

Join CEETL's newest micro-course “Reading for Meaning.” This foundational, fully asynchronous, self-paced course supports students’ engagement with different genres in their discipline. This course offers teaching strategies, resources and collegial conversations in support of academic success for all of our students through social annotation.

In this micro-course, participants will:

  • Develop students’ critical information literacy with digital sources, using free, online social annotation tools
  • Help students develop a flexible reading mindset for various rhetorical situations as a reader, to adapt to and transfer reading strategies in multiple disciplines, and in lifelong learning.
  • Understand how students are processing information at specific points in a text and effectively identify gaps in comprehension.
  • Foster students’ ability to analyze complex writing structures, interpret visual presentations of data, and understand experimental design.
  • Support students’ reading process by scaffolding reading (watching, listening to) texts with strategies for pre-reading, during reading, and post reading.
  • Model for students reading for meaning in your discipline.

When is the course offered, and how can I register?

  • Faculty Stipend: $250 (pre-tax) upon completion 
  • GTA Stipend: $110 (pre-tax) upon completion 
  • Required Time Commitment: 5 hours  
  • Session: October 25 - November 22, 2021. This course is self-paced and asynchronous, so you may engage anytime during this date range; just be sure to complete the course requirements by Monday, November 22, 2021.   
  • Course Requirements: Engage in the course for the required time commitment; complete only the required assignments; fill out the attestation form. There is no need to engage and complete all course materials. Only engage in the course material most interesting to you, as well as the few required assignments! 

Registration for this course is now closed.


All stipends for CEETL course completions by eligible participants are processed through payroll and are subject to tax, so the final amount and timing for stipend payments may vary according to individual tax rates and employment status with the university. To monitor incoming payments, we recommend you turn on your bank notifications to get alerts on your accounts. All members of the SF State teaching community are welcome to engage in and complete CEETL faculty development courses for a certificate, but due to CSU policy the following appointments will not be eligible to receive a stipend: MPPs, Staff, FERP faculty, and individuals not actively employed at SF State.

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