CEETL Discussion Circles

CEETL holds discussion circles with faculty to brainstorm about topical issues that faculty are facing in the classroom and in their interactions with students.  


CEETL invites faculty to a Zoom discussion with Senior AVP of Enrollment Management Katie Lynch and Denise Pena, Director of Financial Aid.

February 13th discussion was on ‘Financial Aid: Get to Know the Basics,’ which included faculty questions  around aid timelines, amounts, sources, scholarships, tuition increase and financial aid impact, service changes and improvements, and financial literacy initiatives.

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April 23rd Discussion Circle at 1-2pm on Zoom:

Having heard the basics of financial aid, this next discussion circle will provide a space for faculty to share feedback and ask questions. This will also be an opportunity to learn more information about scholarships and other forms of aid. The Office of Student Financial Assistance can speak to the work they are doing with students, especially in Friday office hours, and discuss how faculty can support this work. 

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Past Program Information Found Here:

In Fall 2023, please join CEETL and Academic Technology as we examine adapting and emerging best practices in teaching and learning with Artificial Intelligence. We would like to invite you to a series of discussion circles focusing on conversations around use of AI in the classroom. These discussion circles are intended to meet faculty where they are in their response to AI technology as it impacts their instruction – whether curious, concerned, already using AI in assignments, prohibiting AI, or those in between and looking for path forward. We hope to see you in person and online. These conversations will be facilitated by Fall 2023 CEETL Fellow, Jennifer Trainor, Professor of English. 

AI Assessments and Detection: Best practices for assessment with AI; Why we shouldn’t use AI detection tools; What to do instead?- September 28, 2-3.30 pm, LIB 242 or by Zoom.

AI for education: How do you use it pedagogically? How about academic integrity? How can faculty use it for their professional development? - October 19, 2-3.30 pm, LIB 242 or by Zoom. (rescheduled date and time!)

AI tools: Are you ready for all the AI products and tools your students could be using?— November 9, 2023, 1-2.30 pm, LIB 286 or by Zoom.

To review a summary of these circles and view recordings, click here