JEDI Journalling

Facilitated by Kira Donnell

Join us as we explore ways in which journalling can be used as a JEDI pedagogical tool and consider how journalling can be incorporated as a reflective teaching practice. We will think about how journalling can be used as a way to reflect on and organize our professional careers as educators. We will also discuss how we might use journals and journalling as a tool for student success.

Lecturer Faculty teaching at least one course this semester are eligible for a $50 stipend.

10-11 am in Library 242

Sept 21 Hands-On Journalling in the Classroom

Dr. Kira Donnell

In this session we will workshop various journal-making and journal writing activities you can utilize in the classroom. These approaches aim to help students think and express themselves reflectively and creatively.

Oct 19 Financial Literacy and Deconstructing Wealth

Celeste Francisco

Join the Responsive Education for Access, Community, and Hope (REACH) program as we deconstruct conventional notions of wealth, consider how to promote financial literacy in our students, and explore the online financial wellness platform, iGrad, which  is a customized, interactive online and mobile financial literacy platform for the SFSU community with tools including tutorials on budgeting and money management, loan calculators, and even financial reflection and journalling.

Nov 16 Documenting the Process: Reflecting On and Refining Our Teaching Practices

Dr Stephanie Sisk-Hilton

In this workshop, we will practice several techniques for journaling as a way to examine, honor, and make changes to our teaching practice. We'll focus on ways to integrate a journaling practice into daily or weekly instructional planning and consider reflective journaling as data to guide instructional change.

Dec 7 Journaling in Community: Social Media as a Reflective Teaching Tool

Dr. Jessica Adams-Grigorieff

In this workshop, we will explore how social media like Twitter, TikTok or YouTube can be spaces for self-reflection, pedagogical growth and community. We will explore teaching communities online and practice reflecting by making our own media posts. While the workshop will focus on reflective teaching practice, we will also briefly consider how you might use social media journaling with your students.


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